Top 100 causes of Sri Lanka

Everyone Should have the Opportunity to Attend a University
Measures to Prevent Railway Crossing Accidents
To Protect & Develop Corals in Sri Lanka
Hassle-Free Transportation for Disabled People
Develop Smart School Systems with Technology
Increase Exports
An Effective Solution for the Elephant Conflict
Computerized Citizen Database
Green Transportation
Regulate Cultivation Chemicals
Encourage Vocational Training
Tri-Forces Themed Resorts
Effective Rainwater Management System
Regulate Public Transport Charges
Implementation of E-Government System
Unlimited Internet
Fight Against Mosquitoes
Enhance and Revamp Public Transportation
Interconnected Public Transport System with a Metro System
Mobile Platforms for Government Services
Electric Conversion of Old Vehicles
Effective Waste Management and Recycling
Cutting-Edge Education, Research, and Vocational Training
Prepare Your Child for Life, Not Exams
Automated / E – Fine Payment System
Preservation of Wildlife
Innovative, Creative, and Strategic Education System
Separate Areas for Protests
A Safe Society for Women
Establish a Space Research Centre
Drone-Based Service and Facility Providing Platform
Modern City
Sustainable Energy Sources
Empower Archeological Research
Establish a Central Ministry
Increase Sri Lanka’s Forest Cover
Plastic and Polythene Free Sri Lanka by 2028
Performance Management for Government Ministers
Mitigate Price Fluctuation of Crops
Clean Country by Changing Attitude
Extended Office Days
Tourist Security Program
Minimum Wages
Everyone at Work
Discipline of Private & SLTB Bus Staff
Regulate Three Wheelers in Urban Areas
Promote Innovation
Save Trees – Save Environment
Review Taxation Structure for Vehicle Imports
Safer Roads
Water Recycling and Treatment
Volunteering Space for Young and Common People
Make Sri Lanka Age-Friendly
Fully Automated Roadside Electronic Parking (REP) System
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Security
Younger Educated Workforce
Abolish Student Harassment in State Universities
Efficient Postal Service
Centralized Patients’ Database
Facilitate Start-Up Businesses
Digitalized Libraries for Every City
Care for the Aged and Insurance
Electric Charging Points for Petrol Stations
National APIs
Compulsory English Medium School Curriculum
Take Sri Lanka to rank #1- “Easiest Countries to Do Business in”
Three-Wheel Drivers & Culture
Annual-Fee Free Payment Gateway
Moderate Commercial Advertisements
Animal Welfare
More Highways
Fixed Food Prices
Digital Sri Lanka Framework
Food Security Through Popularising Unutilised and Under Utilised Food Crops
Impose Huge Tax for Locals on Gambling
Recognize Freelancers as a Workforce
Government Policy on Physical Development
Gender Neutral Society
Private Universities
Recruiting Professional Panels to Make Action Plans
Management of Food Related Chemicals and Fertiliser Usage
Executive Travel Bus
Equal Opportunities for Differently Abled Individuals
Establish Separate Treasury for Buddhist Temples Based on Donations
Control Road Traffic with High Tech
Tax Relief for New Entreprises
Create Elder Day Care Centres in Every City
Society Free from Hatred
Accessible and convenient services from Government departments
National Policy on Media
Better Use of Re-cycled Water
Reducing Intersection Accidents
Expert Committees to Make Road Maps for Ministries
State Administration to Improve Public Service
Cyber Self Defence Force
Network Development – Better Internet Facilities
Citizens’ Active Participation for Rural Development
More Forest Monasteries

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