President’s Office In Panic Over Leaked Audio; Claims Sirisena Was Angered By Delay In Arresting Easter Attackers

Maithripala Sirisena

Leaked audio recording of an angered President Maithripala Sirisena circulating on the internet and message apps has caused concern in the Presidential Secretariat Colombo Telegraph learns.

President Sirisena

The tape features the enraged Sirisena apparently blasting a senior official of the police department in extremely unparliamentary language.

At one point in the leaked tape the President’s voice appears to be shaking with rage as he accuses the police of holding a candle for the UNP and carry out the party’s conspiracies.

Sources told Colombo Telegraph that in meetings with his staff President Sirisena had admitted he could not remember the context of the conversation or who it was with.

However the President’s Office and senior staff are distributing an unofficial note explaining that the conversation was related to the Easter Sunday attacks.

The explanation from Sirisena’s loyalists and officials is that the President was angered by police delays in arresting suspects after the 21 April terrorist attacks. The delay was in spite of the fact that President Sirisena had declared emergency 24 hours before to help the police to catch the attackers the pro-Sirisena note added. He was angry because the UNP was trying to shift the entire blame on Sirisena for the Easter attacks the report said. Just a few hours after the President’s tongue lashing to the police top brass suspects were arrested the note added and claimed that President Sirisena’s “PR” was grandly improved by the leak of the audio while it proved that the person who recorded the confidential call was a dastardly person.

However Colombo Telegraph learns that the audio of the President’s unsavoury speech to a senior staff member has nothing to do with the Easter attacks and instead may have been timed before or after the 2018 local authorities election. According to sources the conversation centered around President Sirisena fear that police and the UNP were plotting to destroy him. The conversation could have also been around the early days of the fake assassination plot hatched by one self-proclaimed corruption fighter calling himself Namal Kumara. After Kumara revealed the details of the fake plot, the former Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa drove the President into a panic by insisting in a private conversation that the conspiracy was real and that the plot was to eliminate both himself and President Sirisena. The fear that someone was plotting his murder drove Sirisena to near insanity sources close to him said. He believed the former defence secretary was aware of details from within the security establishment and was warning him based on those reports. However an in depth investigation by police led to a dead trail and proved that Kumara was a fraudster and army deserter whose every claim turned out to be completely false. Furthermore Kumara is now in detention on suspicion of instigating communal violence after the Easter Sunday attacks.

The following is the full audio as leaked on the internet.

President’s office in panic over leaked audio; claims Sirisena was angered by delay in arresting Easter attackers

Source:Colombo Telegraph

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