Monk Led Mob Threatens And Calls For The Arrest Of Woman Wearing Saree Bearing Buddha’s Face

A woman allegedly wearing a saree with prints of lord Buddha’s face was confronted by a mob led by a monk in Trincomalee yesterday. A video going viral shows two women with a child in the Trincomalee but stand comes under threat and was late taken into custody and later released according to reports.

The monk, when the woman confronted tries to explain in Tamil, threatens her to be quiet.

“You talk too much. Just shut up. You try to argue after wearing the offensive saree. If it was a man I would have thrashed him on the floor but since you are a woman I will not do such a thing,” the monk threatens.

The monk is then seen instructing the police officer who is present at the incident that they should arrest the woman and then produced before courts.

The video shared on social media shows the woman baffled as to the offence she has committed and further seeks forgiveness from the monk who says that no one can do as they please as this is a Sinhala Buddhist country and that he cannot just ignore such incidents.

In May this year another woman was arrested for wearing a Kaftan which was claimed to have the design of a Dharmachakra but was of a ship’s wheel.

The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka considering a Fundamental Rights petition of Naomi Michelle Coleman, who was arrested and deported for having a tattoo of the Buddha on her arm, held that her arrest and deportation amounted to a violation of her Fundamental rights.

The woman in this recent incident had been taken to the Trincomalee police station and then later released after changing her clothes. According to sources, she was taken to the police ‘for her own safety’. (By Anuththara Singgapuli)

Monk Led Mob Threatens And Calls For The Arrest Of Woman Wearing Saree Bearing Buddha’s Face

Source:Colombo Telegraph

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