Is Sri Lanka free of Dengue?

By | December 21, 2018
Dengue Sri Lanka
Is Sri Lanka free of Dengue?

Sri Lanka had great news of eradicating malaria after big efforts of healthcare policies. Unfortunately, the same can still not be said about the dengue. People who are suspected to be infected continue to be reported on hospitals throughout the country. One coming to Sri Lanka should pay attention to its current rates and most common areas of the Aedes Aegypti, the mosquito that carries the virus of Dengue. It may increase during the monsoon season.

Why was Sri Lanka called Ceylon?

Sri Lanka’s first name, “Ceilão”, was given by the Portuguese when they arrived at the island around the years of 1500. The name changed to “Ceylon” when the country became a British Colony, also giving name to the famous tea factories and other products produced in the island. The country only got to its current name, Sri Lanka, after its independence from the British, in 1972.

Was Sri Lanka affected by 2004 earthquake and tsunami?

In 2004 the world was shocked with news of one of the most devastating tsunamis ever seen, resulted from an earthquake in the Indian Ocean that hit many coastal countries in the area. Even though Thailand was the mainly country appearing on the news, other countries were also affected, Sri Lanka in special being one that had to face most damage.

How bad was the tsunami in Sri Lanka?

Only 10 days after the hit of the 2004 Tsunami, Sri Lankan authorities confirmed over 30,000 deaths, and 1,5 million people displaced from their homes. South and east coasts were worst hit, and entire cities were destructed. It was the worst natural disaster recorded in Sri Lankan history.

What are Sri Lanka main economic sectors?

Sri Lanka has its economy based specially on international trades, which apply to many of the main local economic sectors. The agriculture industry is big in the country, producing and exporting mainly tea, rice and coconut products. The country is also famous for its gems and jewelry industry; and the textile and apparel factories.