Health Secretary Adds Fraud Marks For J’pura Hospital Director’s Interview: Same Dogs, New Tricks

In an unprecedented violation of the law, the Secretary to the Ministry of Health Wasantha Perera yesterday altered the marks awarded at the interview held to select Director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH), Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.

Dr. Athula Kahandaliyanage, Chairman SJGH infamous acolyte of the Rajapaksa regime hand carried the marked interview schedule to the Ministry. There, he got Secretary of Health Wasantha Perera to add on marks to Dr Rathnasiri Hewage and issue a letter stating that an increase of marks has been done. In the originally marked schedule Dr. Hewage had scored a measly 39.5% without adequate marks for his experience.

Kahandaliyanage Needs A Corrupt Director

At a “staged interview” held for the post of Director SJGH, Hewage, the predetermined candidate who has an established history of corruption, administrative violations and current violation of the law was selected for the post. A noted showman in the field of medical administration, Hewage infamously staged a protest to get rid of the duly appointed Director of LRH to illegally occupy the political appointment he was holding for the same post.

Hewage is also in violation of the law pertaining to Medical Administrators engaging in private practice. His housewife spouse famously gave an interview to a Sinhala newspaper confirming the same, where she glorified his practice. Engaging in private practice is a punishable offence according to the Establishment Code for a medical administrator.

Kahandaliyange is entangled in charges pertaining to the administrative corruption he has blatantly committed in aiding massive financial fraud of Susitha Senaratne, the former quasi Director of SJGH. He desperately needs a well-trained and malleable administrator whom he can control for the purpose of document manipulation, false evidence bearing and cover up activities to delay punishment from law enforcing agencies.

Fraudulent Interview For Director SJGH: “Not Even 50%!”

On 09.08.2019 an interview was held before a panel of complicit officers, namely, Wasantha Perera (Secretary Health), Dr. Sunil De Alwis (Additional Secretary Ministry of Health), Athula Kahandaliyanage (Chairman SJGH) and Dr. Anil Jasinghe (Director General Health Services). They interviewed two candidates, Dr. Pubudu De Silva, a Consultant Community Physician. Dr. De Silva was not eligible to be interviewed as the requirement was to possess post graduate qualifications in Medical Administration. The other was the “pre-selected” candidate Hewage.

A highly placed official in the Ministry of Health commented “Short-listing Dr. De Silva and calling him for the interview itself is a violation of the regulations. It appears they have just called the in-eligible candidate to avoid looking like this was a staged interview. If you analyze the marks you will see that the selected candidate does not even have the minimum experience required. He has just scored 39.5%. Even at Medical College level, you need 50% to pass any exam, viva or interview”.

Wasantha Perera (Secretary Health)

Sunil De Alwis Issues Letter Under Conflict Of Interest

When the three specialists at the Board protested, that an unqualified person is xbeing selected as Director SJGH at the Board meeting, a livid DGHs, appearing to lose his sanity had vehemently defended the decision, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. When the specialists asked for clarification on the alleged financial frauds committed by Dr. Rathnasiri Hewage, the Chairman had produced a letter issued by Dr. Sunil De Alwis, Additional Secretary, clearing Dr. Hewage. It is a conflict of interest for Dr. Alwis to issue such letter defending the challenged decision of the same interview panel he was a member of.

Sunil De Alwis Issues Letter

It is well known that Dr. Rathnasiri Hewage was investigated and punished for financial misappropriation of public funds during his tenure as “Acting Director of LRH”. Colombo Telegraph will reveal other serious financial and moral violations with documented and visual evidence in follow up articles due to be published on this matter in the coming days.

Wasantha Perera And Kahandaliyange: Partners In Administrative Crime

A shameless Kahandaliyange avoiding the FCID for months claiming life threatening ill health was seen at the Ministry yesterday, vigorously concocting a letter with Wasantha Perera Secretary Health retrospectively altering the marks of the already finalized and tabled results, offering undue marks illegally to make the total marks up to 48%.

Our source at the Ministry of Health commented: “it is an unprecedented act of utter shamelessness and disrespect for the law where two members of an interview panel were retrospectively changing the result of an interview of an utterly failed candidate. A former stooge and corrupt secretary of Health Kahandaliyanage, and the current stooge and corrupt Secretary of Health Wasantha Perera, are bending their heads together to rape the law. Such rapists are the reason that law and order has become a mockery in this country”.

Kahandaliyanage And Corruption

The Jayawardenapura Hospital has been embroiled in controversy since 2015, when Kahandaliyanage who through serious acts of administrative corruption defended and protected Minister Rajitha Senaratne’s middle man Susitha Senaratne, to occupy the office of Director SJGH for four years without a letter of appointment.

It is well known in the Ministry of Health circles that Rajitha Senaratne poured in money to SJGH during the tenure of Susitha Senaratne who allegedly made himself, his wife and the politician rich by implementing projects violating the procurement process with the full blessings of Athula Kahandaliyanage, the Chairman of the Committee on Procurement. Several of such massive frauds are currently being investigated by the FCID and the Presidential Commission on Corruption. Kahandaliyanage has been avoiding appearing before the FCID siting serious ill health, repeatedly admitting himself to hospital to avoid investigation. These massive frauds include a document scanning project, toilet projects, incinerator project and several other massive projects in which Kahandaliyange has literally looked the other way letting Susitha Senaratne mint money for him and others.

The Wife Runs The Hospital!

A former employee of SJGH commenting to Colombo Telegraph stated “Kahandaliyanage facilitated the illegal diversion of 170 lakhs in to the personal account of Ancy Senaratne, wife of Susitha Senaratne by violating the regulations of procurement. But when the JVP led Voice against Corruption filed a case against Susitha Senaratne for massive fraud, Kahandaliyanage promptly dropped Susitha Senaratne like a hot brick. Kahandaliyange and corruption go hand in hand. He was the Secretary Health during Nimal Siripala De Silva’s tenure as minister. Currently he is claiming ill health to avoid investigation. He needs a seasoned fraudster to manage his affairs during the alleged ill health. As done during the Nimal Siripala era, Kahandaiyange’s wife is running the show. Files are taken back and forth to his home where his wife is attending to them and Kahandaliyanage is a mere signatory. The contents of these files are a common commodity in this era of smart phones. Nothing will stay a secret in this day and age”.

Source:Colombo Telegraph

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