GSP CUT – Europian Union warns Sri Lanka over death penalty

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Ambassadors of EU warned SL against ending its 42-year moratorium on death penalty and told SL risked losing trade concessions if it continue death penalty.

Week before the President  told repeat drug dealers would be hanged if this situation continues

“The diplomatic missions have requested the President to keep up the moratorium on the implementation of the execution and to uphold Sri Lanka’s tradition of opposition to death penalty,” the EU ambassadors warned in an exceedingly joint statement.

The news report was supported by their colleagues from Canada and Norway.

Police believe SL  is getting used as a transit purpose by drug traffickers. over a tonne of cocaine appropriated in recent years was destroyed by police in January.

The main Welikada jail aforementioned it absolutely was advertising on for 2 hangmen to hold out the primary execution in forty two years once refurbishing the gallows-tree.

Diplomats warned they expected Sirisena to roll back the choice, however ought to the island plow ahead it’d loose advantageous access for its exports to the 28-member EU coalition.

“If Lanka resumes death penalty, capital of Sri Lanka can straight off lose the GSP-Plus standing,” Associate in  EU diplomatic supply told.

This refers to its generalised system of preferences (GSP Plus) – a favourable tariff theme to encourage developing nations to respect human rights – remodeled by the EU in might 2017 once a seven-year hiatus.

Sri Lanka was denied GSP and standing in 2010 once failing to satisfy its rights obligations. The Sirisena administration reapplied once coming back to power in 2015.

EU diplomats have calculable that SL gains Associate in Nursing calculable $350 million advantage annually due to the GSP-Plus system.

Prison spokesman Thushara Upuldeniya warned there have been 373 convicts on death house in Ceylon, together with 18 for serious drug crimes.

Death sentences square measure still two-handed down for crimes together with murder, rape and drug-related crimes, however the last execution was in 1976.

Nearly 900 individuals square measure presently in jail once been sentenced to death, though several have had their sentences commuted to life or square measure appealing.

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